Governing Board



Sherbrooke Academy Governing Board

Sherbrooke Academy Senior Governing Board serves as the school's main consultative body. Composed of parents, staff members and community representatives, this committee approves policies regarding many areas of school life and is consulted on many important issues. Any parents may present themselves as a candidate or nominate another parent at the Governing Board General Assembly held in September (see the school calendar on our website), at which an election is held. Members are elected for a two-year mandate. Meetings are held once a month.

Members 2018-2019

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Kenny Bodani
Isabelle Belanger
Tara Brisson
Alternate Parent Committee Representative
Michele Delaunay
Chantale Cadieux
Vice Chair
Linda Homsy
Michelle Fauteux
Parent Committee Representative
Marie-Josee Lehman
Scott Henderson Heather White
Parent Substitutes Staff Substitutes
Siddiq Mohamed Helen O’Keeffe
Ravi Sharma Patrick Teasdale
Liane Zechmeister  
Community Representative  
Liane Zechmeister  
Sylvie Martin
to June 30, 2019
James Benn



Helen O’Keeffe

Agendas & Minutes



  Date Agenda Minutes
  June 12, 2019  
  May 8, 2019
  April 10, 2019
  March 13, 2019
  February 19, 2019
  December 12, 2018
  November 14, 2018
  October 10, 2018




  Date Agenda Minutes
  June 13, 2018  
  May 9, 2018
  April 11, 2018  
  March 14, 2018
  January 17, 2018
  December 13, 2017
  November 8, 2017
  October 11, 2017




  Date Agenda Minutes
  May 24, 2017
  April 10, 2017
  March 27, 2017
  February 8, 2017
  December 14, 2016
  November 9, 2016
  October 12, 2016



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